Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photos of North Luzon Loop Road Trip

Exactly a year ago, my family got invited to join an event in Santa Ana Cagayan. It was a long holiday at that time, so we decided to bring our other family members as it was going to be a long North Luzon Loop road trip rather than a plane ride. Although we travel a lot on road trips, it was the very first time that we traveled 600 plus kilometers from Manila to Cagayan by road. It excited me especially because it was my first time also to see Cagayan Province.

Road Trip: A Few Tips to enjoy the Ride

Plaza Leticia and  NE Cake and Restaurant - Cabanatuan City Nueca Ecija

Hotel Andrea Cauyan Isabela

Ilagan Isabela

Cagayan Province

Claveraa, Ilocos Norte



Mojica Residencia Hotel, Vigan

Vigan Heritage Mansion

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