Friday, June 12, 2015

Photos of Chef Laudico Guevarra's

The buffet area presented a wide array of Filipino, Spanish, Japanese and Italian dishes, complete with various starters, fruits, cakes, and other desserts. There were way more choices than what the stomach could accommodate. Imagine having to choose from 6 main stations such as APPETIZERS, MAIN COURSE (Of these, the Angus beef tapa and kare-kare with annatto rice topped my favorites) CARVING STATION, HOT & GRILLED, DESSERTS and BEVERAGES (usual sodas and iced tea, but I went for sago at gulaman --- this could have doubled its role as my dessert as well, if not for the sight of the halo-halo station that I couldn’t resist, so I ended up scooping shaved ice, evaporated milk, sabang saging, sago, pinipig and leche flan).

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